About Me

I am a father, husband and professional data guy.  I have a passion for turning raw data into informative visuals.  I love music, mostly hard rock’n’roll.  I root for all of my hometown Dallas teams (Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, Stars).  Since this is supposed to be Life In Charts, here’s mine in chart form:

About Me

If you’re wondering why that adds up to more than 100% it’s because I’m a modern, multi-tasking individual (actually, it’s not that hard to listen to music while doing other things).

You can check out my Favorite Bands page to see what kind of music I like.   Hope you enjoy the site.  Drop a note if you have interest in me tackling a particular topic in chart form.  I hoping to post at least once per day:

  • SUNDAY:  History of (band) In Chart Form
  • MONDAY:  Sports Chart of the Week
  • TUESDAY:  Random Chart of the Week
  • WEDNESDAY:  Album Review of the Week
  • THURSDAY:  ????
  • FRIDAY:  Live Music Video of the Week
  • SATURDAY: ???


Agree? Disagree? Enjoy? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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